Listing Pictures. How To Make More Money From Real Estate

Want to sell your home for top dollar, or fill a rental quickly? Listing pictures are the first step.

When it comes to real estate, pictures are worth much more than a thousand words. Great listing pictures are often worth thousands of dollars and can mean the difference between getting top dollar for a property, or it sitting on the market for months. Regardless if the pictures are for selling a million dollar home, or renting a downtown studio apartment, any property will move faster and go for more money with great listing pictures.

Good Listing Pictures Attract More Buyers and Renters

Its Not the Phone, It’s You!

Unfortunately, as great as your newest cell phone is, there is no substitute for quality pictures taken by a professional photographer. According to The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Redfin, listings featuring images taken by a professional photographer resulted in 61% more views and higher prices than those shot with cell phones by amateur photographers (LINK).

Armature real estate picture
Amateur Picture
Kitchen Colors Pop with Good Listing Pictures
Professional Real Estate Photographer

As easy as technology makes it to take a picture, there is much more that goes into capturing a great image of your home. A professional photographer that specializes in real estate photography understands how to frame rooms, stage the shot, adjust lighting and capture the strengths of a property.

What Makes Professional Listing Pictures So Great?

Professional listing pictures do several things. First, they make the home standout when potential buyers or renters are browsing websites packed full of homes for sale and rent. Having a listing that stands out naturally brings your home to the front of the pack, resulting in more clicks on your listings. More clicks means more traffic, more traffic means more showings, and more showings means more people bringing you an offer.

Second, great listing pictures helps buyers and tenants connect with a property. They experience the home and living spaces before setting foot inside the property. Seeing themselves living in the home is what drives the increased showings for these properties. As a landlord or property seller, all this adds up to more money in your pocket. In most instances, the cost to hire a professional photographer ranges from $100-300. This initial cost is easily recouped by the quicker sale and higher price.

Professional Listing Pictures For Rentals

Professional listing pictures are pretty much common place when selling a property. At this point, almost all real estate agents understand the power of a great picture. However, it is much more common to see amateur pictures used for investment properties that are listed for rent. As investors ourselves, we understand the strong desire to watch the bottom line of your investment and cut any unnecessary costs. In our experience, it is almost always a mistake not to use professional pictures for rentals properties.

Professional picture of rental
Professional Listing Picture of a Rental Unit

It is critical that rentals are filled quickly. Just a few weeks of vacancy each year could result in a massive decrease in a properties profitability. Professional listing pictures help avoid this. Zillow and other rental sights have hundreds of rental listings. It is very easy for a property to disappear into the mix on these sites. No matter the type or quality of the rental unit, professional pictures help it standout from the competition.

Roughly half the units Kokopelli Real Estate advertises are quickly rented by tenants that lives out of the area, sight unseen. This is because all the units we post for rent have amazing pictures that highlight what the rental property has to offer. Plus, these pictures are then reused to post the unit for rent 30 days before the tenant’s lease is expiring to minimize vacancy rates. At the end of the day, professional listing pictures help rental units fill more quickly and for a higher price, often exceeding market rents.

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